Why AutoCount Accounting?

  • Works on Microsoft SQL Database Server

    Stability, scalability and security of database. No re-index required.

  • Fully Integrated & Real-Time Posting

    Accounting, Purchasing, Invoicing and Inventory Control. Plus additional useful modules and plug-ins.

  • Affordable Business Automation

    Several well-packaged editions to meet the requirement of your business operation.

  • Peace of Mind

    With expandability and customizability, even your future business growth is taken care of.

  • Logical Flow and Ease to Use

    The document flow and entries flow are in accordance with the logical flow of business activities, and high similarity of common layouts get you familiarized in no time.

  • Share Data Across Business Application

    Export and save your reports and grid layouts in other document types, e.g. Excel, Word, PDF, HTML and graphical format. All reports can be emailed and faxed with just a click away.

  • Choice of Licensing Method

    You may opt for License Code or Dongle (USB Key) in favor of greater convenience.

  • Unlimited Accounting Period

    Create new fiscal year while keeping previous fiscal years on the same database. Year-end process is not compulsory.

  • Multilevel Chart of Account

    Unlimited account chart level provides flexibility in financial reports.

  • Strong User Control

    Unlimited users and user groups with >2500 access rights control.

  • Unlimited Document Numbering Format

    Create your very own document number formats with auto-running year, month, document number, and different starting running number for each month. Also allows free format.

  • Backup Reminder and Scheduled Backup

    No more worry about forgetting to backup.

  • Auto Save Transaction

    No more worry about data loss due to unexpected power interruption.

  • Complete Accounting Modules

    Feature-rich accounting related modules such as Bank Reconciliation, Multi Currency, Cash Flow Forecast, Project, Department, Credit Control, Budget, Multi Dimensional Ledger Analysis…

  • Complete Document Entries

    Complete set of invoicing and purchasing documents and reports. All documents are transferrable, traceable and customizable.

  • Complete Stock Modules

    Feature-rich inventory control related modules such as Landing Cost, Location, Consignment, Multi-UOM, Serial Number, Item Batch, Multi-Level Assembly, Item Package, Multi Dimensional Sales Analysis, Bonus Point, Pricing Policy…