Pre-Sales FAQ

What can I do with JD’s AutoCount Accounting?

JD’s AutoCount Accounting is a well-integrated business application comprises of Accounting, Purchasing, Invoicing and Inventory Control. It is very rich in features and functions to make your accounting entries (GL, AR, AP), Stock Control and the management of business documents easy, organized and traceable.

What so special about JD’s AutoCount Accounting?

JD’s AutoCount Accounting is fully developed software that allows expansion and customization. It is the best selling MSSQL based Accounting software in Malaysia, and owned by Malaysian. The entries are basically document-based, thus it is logic and easy to handle even for those who have limited accounting knowledge.

Can JD’s AutoCount Accounting run on Windows 7?

Yes, it works well with all latest version of Windows operating system.

Do I need Database Server to run JD’s AutoCount Accounting?

Yes, JD’s AutoCount Accounting is designed to run on the most powerful and reliable Microsoft SQL Database Server. You need to install at least Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Express, which is included in JD’s AutoCount installer CD.

Do I need to pay for Microsoft SQL Server?

Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Express is free edition with limited data file size (4 GB), which is sufficient for ordinary transaction for couples of years. However, should your business grow beyond the limitation of 4 GB, you may always upgrade to a licensed edition of Microsoft SQL Server to enjoy unlimited data file size.

How long does it take to complete JD’s AutoCount Accounting training?

It normally takes 2 sessions of 3-hour each for Accounting and Stock Control (one session each).

How do I know if JD’s AutoCount is as good as you said?

Very good question! Please do not hesitate to call on any of our authorized agent to give you an instant product demo/preview. Besides, we always encourage our customers to ‘Try’ the system with your daily operation before making decision.

I am currently using others software, can I switch to AutoCount?

Definitely yes. And it is very simple. Each of our authorized agents has had sufficient experience in similar cases to help you through.

Do I have to pay annually additional software charges and compulsory upgrade every now and then?

No. You don’t have to pay for software updates from time to time. We may impose some charges on major software upgrade only when really needed to. Of course, to upgrade is your choice, thus it is not mandatory.