AutoCount Accounting

JD Software – AutoCount Accounting

The best-selling MSSQL based Accounting software in Malaysia!

JD’s AutoCount Accounting is the flagship product of AutoCount series of business application. Its first generation: AutoCount Professional was created in 1996, followed by AutoCount 2000 (2nd generation), AutoCount Premier and AutoCount XP (3rd generation), and the most current AutoCount Accounting (4th generation).

This made-in-Malaysia brand is a trusted and matured product with >30,000 users in the region. Developed using Microsoft .NET technology, works on most reliable Microsoft SQL Server, applies powerful XtraReport tools and runs on several latest Windows operating system, JD’s AutoCount is so well-structured and designed, that it is totally expandable and easily customizable, from as simple as adding User Defined Field, to advanced customization such as utilizing application scripting and report scripting. On top of those, this software supports external program plug-ins. In short, it is Simple yet Powerful, Flexible yet Stable, Extensible yet Reliable.

JD’s AutoCount Accounting is not just an Accounting software, it is actually a fully integrated business application comprises of Accounting, Purchasing, Invoicing and Inventory Control related modules. Depending on the needs, user may purchase only Accounting module, Invoicing module, Inventory Control and billing, or the complete set. The complete sets are packaged in several editions with additional functionalities to meet the requirements of different business operation styles. All these editions are offered at very attractive price. Besides, there are also plug-ins for specific industries, such as Photocopier, Freight & Forwarding and Sales Commission.

And those are why JD’s AutoCount has been a better choice of business automation solution for businesses ranging from sole-proprietors to multi-national companies.